The Same Thought …

In one of his talks, Swami Kriyananda says that no saint says anything different from other saints; that in fact, no saint can say anything different from other saints, because the God all saints revere is the same, except that Prophets down the ages have said things in different ways according to the social circumstances of the times.

Master tells us in Autobiography of a Yogi, in Chapter 7 (The Levitating Saint), about a discourse Bhaduri Mahasaya gave about the great saint, Meerabai, and Master translates one of Meerabai’s songs:

“If by bathing daily God could be realized
Sooner would I be a whale in the deep;
If by eating roots and fruits He could be known
Gladly would I choose the form of a goat;
If the counting of rosaries uncovered Him
I would say my prayers on mammoth beads;
If bowing before stone images unveiled Him
A flinty mountain I would humbly worship;
If by drinking milk the Lord could be imbibed
Many calves and children would know Him;
If abandoning one’s wife would summon God
Would not thousands be eunuchs?
Mirabai knows that to find the Divine One
The only indispensable is Love.”

A similar message from the great saint Baba Bulle Shah:

“If God could be found by bathing
Frogs and fish would find Him;
If God could be found by wandering in the forest
Cows and calves would find Him;
If God could be found in the mosque
The bats would find Him;
God is found by one who has a pure heart!”

Just a look tells us that the two saints said very much the same thing, and the truths, though couched in different terms (though here the terms are also similar), spoken by the saints, are but the same.

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